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We also are continuously creating new recipes to help you easily incorporate keto or carnivore meals into your lifestyle.

We're here to help you transform both inside and out. Reach out to us anytime you'd like.

Feel Refreshed and Nourished Both Inside and Out

Take a look at our local beauty products and animal-based recipes in Casper, WY

Want to use beauty products that aren't made with harsh chemicals? Buttercream Beauty has local beauty products that will make your skin look as good as it feels. We use tallow from grass-fed cows to create the creamiest and most nutrient-rich formula you've ever experienced. Our tallow are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, sourced from local Wyoming Ranchers when available. Check out our online store that ships straight from Casper, WY.

Anyone looking to transition to a keto, zero-carb and high-protein diet should consider a carnivore diet. We believe this high-fat and low-inflammatory lifestyle can be beneficial for those with digestive or skin issues. Check out our animal-based recipes to help you begin this new journey.

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Promoting your total well-being

We believe that animal products are essential to our overall health, which means they can be used for both external and internal care. The combination of tallow skincare and a carnivore diet ensures optimal health and well-being from within, radiating outward.

We have all-natural products available for purchase. Here are two of our most popular choices:

  • Brightening Tallow Cream: Our brightening cream has high-quality tallow, organic carrot seed oil and organic orange and lemon essential oils. Enjoy an uplifting feel and a light citrusy scent.
  • Rose Tallow Cream: Our rose cream uses rose hip oil and tallow to produce a soft scent and gentle application. Your sensitive skin will feel relieved.

We also offer a wide range of animal-based recipes. Transitioning to a carnivore diet doesn't need to be difficult or extreme. That's why we provide animal-based recipes to ease this transition. You can incorporate small changes or switch out meals to gradually build up to a full carnivore diet.